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    Estonia Truth is a voluntary website helping to find out the truth about MS/Estonia naval disaster in 1994 and to put pressure for new independent investigation involving the counterparts and the accident.

    What has been revealed so far?

    The course of events

    Even after 25 years, the sinking of the MS Estonia still raises many questions. Theories about the disaster now focus more on unknown external object that struck into the hull. More evidence reveal that the bow visor was not the main reason why MS/Estonia sunk.

    The Accident

    On the night of September 28, 1994 Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea en route between Tallinn Stockholm. 852 people lost their lives, 501 of them were Swedes.

    The official explanations

    The official investigation committee (JAIC) report indicates that the ramp was forced partially open by the bow visor prior to complete visor detachment from the vessel. Water was entering the car deck through the openings at the sides of the ramp resulting in a slowly increasing starboard heel angle and the sinking of the vessel

    Till today

    The investigation held out by Estonian, Finnish and Swedish governments has not given the satisfying answers or logical explanations about "Estonia" disaster. Therefore the fundamental questions about the naval disaster still remain.


    The new documentary has reignited calls for a fresh investigation. "A new technical investigation into the circumstances of Estonia's sinking must be carried out," Estonia's Prime Minister Jüri Ratas said, according to local media.


    Mysteries related to MS/Estonia disaster

    The MS Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea in 1994, killing 852 people. A storm damaged the car ferry and it sank in minutes – one the worst maritime disasters in Europe. It's been the subject of conspiracy theories ever since.

    The bow visor

    The bow visor was not the main reason why MS/Estonia sunk. Details

    The hole in the hull

    MS Estonia has a large hole, which indicates to external object ramming the hull. Details

    The collision

    It is possible that MS/Estonia collided with a (Swedish) submarine which damaged the hull and sank the ship. Details

    Russian weapons system on board?

    Even though it has not been verified by the official channels that secret military weapons were on board, there are widespread rumours about secret trucks carring classified cargo. The secret cargo was unlikely the reason why the ship sunk, but is worth the investigation. Details

    Folks and victims

    The folks and victims deserve water-proof answers and new independent investigation. Survivors and friens/family of victims feel as if the governments of Estonia, Finland ans Sweden has lied to them by offering them false explanations and misleading truth. Details


    There were plans to cover the ferry in concrete and a lot of gravel was piled up at the site. The initiative came from the Swedish side. Details

    What the experts say

    • This will sound funny but the hole fits Estonia's hull well. It explains all questions up in the air for 26 years. Firstly, it explains how water was able to get under the vehicle deck. Secondly, it explains why Estonia did not keel over in a few minutes.

      Author image
      Margus KurmHead of MS/Estonia investigation
    • It is not excluded that the damage played a big role in the sinking

      Author image
      Jørgen AmdahlProfessor of Marine Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


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